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About Steridose
The entire life cycle

Steridose is represented in important certifying and standards organizations, most notably and relevant to the pharmaceutical industry, ASME BioProcessing Equipment standards committee (BPE). We help develop the standards and Good Manufacturing Practices that minimize risk for process interference.

We develop,

New product development is based on an understanding of the applications and design requirements of the bio-pharmaceutical industry. Direct input and feedback from our customers is the most important driving factor of our product development strategy.

We manufacture,

In addition to strategic sourcing partnerships with sub suppliers, we carry out critical manufacturing stages at our own facilities.

We market,

We partner with the best distributors and representatives in the industry, all over the world. Together we become the perfect mix; a premium product with global references, combined with a local presence for product and application support.

We service,

Offering after-sales support to our customers, as well as refurbishment to as-new condition gives us unique insights in the reality that our products face at our customers’ sites, year after year. This equips us with first hand feedback to our development and engineering teams for future product innovation and enhancements.

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